​Remarkable Sports is established in 2013.  Our aim is to promote table tennis and cultivate table tennis athlete.  We also encourage retire and on job people to try to play table tennis。We aim to improve our students concentration and sportsmanship through table tennis. 

We assign the most appropiate training program to different students based to the student's skill level. In Remarkable Sports we have a promotion mechanism that gives our students a target in training.  All our training programs are in small class, because we want to have more interaction between the students and coaches.  We will regularly organise friendly matches with another club or within our club to test our student's skill level.  This also allow coaches to find out what our students need to be improved and design the corresponding training items for our student in order to help them to take their table tennis skill to the next level.  

Remarkable Sports will form teams to participate open championship in HK in order to offer opportunities to our students to test their skill level and learn from other players.

Other than training program we are also selling table tennis equipment please visit our online store or call us if there is any query.

"We Are Here For All Table Tennis Fans"

Our Philosophy



Promotion Mechanism

Our coaches has set the prerequisite, content and the target for all our training programs.  And our coaches will assess our students  after training program ends.  For those students who satisfies the target that our coaches set can be promoted to a more senior class to continue training and improve their skill and tactics.  

For those who cannot make the target our coaches will provide some training tasks to focus to improve the mistakes and weakness of our students and help them achieve the training target next time.

We offer 2 kinds of training program.  

1, Small group training class.  In this class students can have more interaction with the other students who are in the same or similar skill level.  We aim to improve our students concentration and increase their passion to table tennis.  

2, 1 on 1 training.  Our coaches will base on our student's mistake and weakness that they found in group classes then design a training program to improve in the 1 on 1 class








We will organise internal and participate external championship in order an opportunity to our students to interact with other students from other club in order to increase competition experience and improve their technique and tactics more quickly. E.g. HKTTF Super League, HKTTA single and group competition and HKTTA Cup... etc.

We will organise different internal and friendly matches for our students to let then interact with students from other school.  We will also regularly organise different events and activities to meet up and communicate with our customers to receive opinions from them in order improve our services going forward.

Our Team

We are a group of people who are passionate of table tennis.  We aim to promote table tennis and search for talents and provide training to talents and all the people who are interested in playing table tennis.  

We provide professional training to our student to help them to take their table tennis skill to the next skill level.

We also want to training our students sportsmanship and problem solving skill through table tennis.

We have a number of experienced coaches who are HKTTA registered coach and now coaching a lot of primary, secondary schools and club houses.


Our Services



Online Booking System

Remarkable Sports provides our customers a professional online booking and sales service.  Our member can use our online system and website to get the latest news and activities of Remarkable Sports.

Our members/customers can also use our online booking/sales system to book or cancel classes anytime they want also use our online sales system to place order to purchase table tennis equipment. 



Training Program

Remarkable Sports provides professional training program.  And Remarkable Sports will firm the classes and make use of technology to review and analyse the video to improve. 




Online Shop

Our online shop is available now. 


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