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Remarkable-sports.com is committed to protecting the private information of our web site visitors. Our web sites adhere to a strict policy for ensuring the privacy of personally identifiable information and preserving the integrity of this online medium. Here we explain the type of information collected from remarkable-sports.com, how that information may be used, how you can access or modify that information, and how that information is protected. We therefore make sure that our policies and practices in relation to the collection, use, retention, transfer and access of personal data comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486) under the laws of Hong Kong.



This Privacy Policy applies to remarkable-sports.com (“Site”). Please note that our Site may contain links to sponsor organizations. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of those web sites. We encourage you to review the privacy policy of any organization before submitting your personal information to them.



Remarkable Sports Limited collects two types of information from visitors to the Site: (A) Personally Identifiable Information, and (B) Non-personally Identifiable Information (information such as IP Addresses and cookies, which allow for a better use of the Site). Uses of this information are discussed in Section III.

Remarkable Sports Limited向「網站」訪客收集兩類資訊:(A)個人身份識別資訊,及(B) 非個人身份識別資訊(例如IP位址及讓用戶能夠更佳使用「網站」的曲奇)。第III節將討論此資訊的使用。

A. Personally Identifiable Information

Remarkable Sports Limited will not collect personally identifiable information from you, other than what you supply to us on a voluntary basis upon request. Personally identifiable information includes, but is not limited to, name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, and credit card information.

除了你在被要求及基於自願地向我們提供的資訊外,Remarkable Sports Limited將不會向你收集個人身份識別資訊。個人身份識別資訊包括但不限於姓名、住址、電郵地址、電話號碼及信用卡資訊。


Registration for our website:


Our Site may at times require a free registration, which enables full access to the information and resources offered on our Site. A unique email address must be supplied to register.

Paid Products and Services:

While the majority of our Site is free, we may charge fees for select products and services. To enable the purchase of these and other products, we collect your telephone number, e-mail address, billing address and credit card information.

Contests, Sweepstakes and Special Offers:

On occasion, we may collect personal information from users in connection with optional (i.e., you opt-in to participate in these offers) sweepstakes, contests or special offers. Such information will be used as indicated at the time of collection.


Listservs and E-mail Newsletters:

On occasion, we may collect personal information from users in connection with optional (i.e. you opt-in to subscribe to these services) listservs and e-mail newsletters. Such information will be used as indicated at the time of collection.

B. Non-personally Identifiable Information

In addition to information that you provide to us, we may also collect and store certain non-personally identifiable information automatically when using the Site. This information helps us improve the experience you and other visitors have with the Site.


For example, we may collect your IP address, browser information and reference site domain, as well as related information such as the date on which you visit the Site. This information does not identify you personally and is only used in the aggregate.

As is common practice among web sites, we use “cookies” and similar technologies. Cookies are text files which store your preferences. No personal information is ever stored in a remarkable-sports.com cookie, even if you have entered your name or email address on other parts of the Site.


You can generally prevent cookies from being used by changing the settings in your web browser, but please be aware that by doing so you may be unable to fully utilize the Site.



Except as expressly set forth in our policies, we will not willfully disclose your personally identifiable information to any third party without first receiving your permission. We will never sell, rent, or swap your personally identifiable information with non-affiliated third parties for their own purposes.
In terms of our own use of information, we may use your personally identifiable information for the activities described in the previous sections, and for internal purposes and marketing and promotional purposes in support of remarkable-sports.com.

We will typically explain the extent of use at the time you are asked to provide personal information. If you do not want this information to be collected or used by us for these purposes, you can simply “opt out.” Under certain circumstances, opting out may prevent your participation in activities for which personal information is needed, as in contests.

Site visitors who have provided them to Remarkable Sports Limited by registering at our Site or signing up for a newsletter or listserv;
通過於我們「網站」註冊或訂閱會訊或討論組,藉此向Remarkable Sports Limited提供此等資訊的「網站」訪客;

audience members who e-mail questions about membership or programs;

online buyers who make a purchase.
We (which includes our service providers) will use these addresses to respond to the general purposes for which we collected the information, to provide services and to operate the Site, including to respond to inquiries, to process credit card payments and billing, shipping, e-mail distribution, list processing and analysis, promotions management, to send information about remarkable-sports.com programs, Site, services, membership or to correspond about a purchase or product offers. For example, remarkable-sports.com shop uses a third party fulfillment agent to manage orders, credit card processing, order fulfillment and shipping, and related tasks.

Our service providers have access to your personally identifiable information as necessary to provide certain services on our behalf. They are required to maintain the privacy of all such information in their possession or control and can only use the information on our behalf for the purpose that we have contracted them, for example processing your order or sending you a series newsletter. They are not authorized to use your information for any other purpose.

At times, we make customer mailing lists available to carefully screened companies whose products or services might interest individuals who have shopped on the Site. Please contact us at email cs@remarkable-sports.com if you do not prefer to share your information in this way.


We, or our service providers, may release personal identification information if we believe in good faith that the law or legal process requires it, we have received a valid administrative request from a law enforcement agency, or such release is necessary to protect anyone’s rights, property or safety.

We reserve the right to send you e-mail relating to your account status. This includes order confirmations, renewal/expiration notices, notices of credit card problems, other transactional e-mails and notifications about major changes to our Site. If you have registered for online discussions or other services, you may receive e-mail specific to your participation in those activities.

We offer several e-mail newsletters and listservs. If you no longer wish to receive a specific newsletter, you may opt out by following the "unsubscribe" instructions located near the bottom of each newsletter.

We use non-personally identifiable information, such as IP addresses or demographic information (zip codes and postal codes for example) to tailor our Site to the interests/locations of our users and to measure traffic within our Site.


Remarkable Sports Limited uses the content from the cookies to deliver relevant local resources, remember browser preferences, and improve our visitors’ experiences on the Site. Remarkable Sports Limited does not sell information collected by cookies nor use the information for commerce-related purposes. In addition, Remarkable Sports Limited will not filter content based on your preferences without permission.
Remarkable Sports Limited採用曲奇的內容以發放相關資源、記憶瀏覽器偏好及改善我們訪客在「網站」的體驗。Remarkable Sports Limited不會把曲奇所收集的資訊出售或用作商業用途。此外,Remarkable Sports Limited將不會在未獲許可的情況下根據你的偏好過濾內容。

remarkable-sports.com uses cookies at the following times:

A cookie may automatically localize d100.hk and d100.net to its affiliated partners nearest you. You can choose to have your computer remember a different station or no station at all at any time.
曲奇或會自動根據最接代你的關聯合作夥伴為remarkable-sports.com 本地化。你可於任何時間選擇讓你的電腦記憶一個不同站點或不記憶任何站點。
If you watch a video clip or listen to an audio clip on remarkable-sports.com, a cookie may remember which media player and type of clip you prefer to use on your computer. You can change your video and audio preferences at any time, or choose a player each time you view of listen to a clip.

A cookie will tell us which pages you visit and the amount of time between each page visit. The cookie does not remember any information about you or your computer; it just helps us at Remarkable Sports Limited monitor Site usage and traffic; for example, it allows us to measure the number of repeat visitors to remarkable-sports.com in a given month. This data is only used in the aggregate.
曲奇將告訴我們你瀏覽哪一頁以及瀏覽每頁之間所花之時間。曲奇並不記憶關於你或你的電腦的任何資訊,只會協助我們Remarkable Sports Limited監察「網站」用量及流量;例如讓我們量度於指定一個月份內重覆瀏覽remarkable-sports.com的訪客人數。此等資料只會被合計使用。

Additionally, cookies may be used on pay sites to (1) identify the terms of any special offers you may have obtained, such as price discount or free trial period AND/OR (2) automatically sign you in so that you do not have to enter a username and password each time you visit.

Access to personally identifiable information that is collected from our Site may be accessible for a limited period of time from the point of collection, such as where a user provides an e-mail address in order to receive an e-mail newsletter or a reminder about an upcoming program or event. In other cases, personally identifiable information may be maintained, edited and deleted at the user’s discretion at any time after the information has been submitted to Remarkable Sports Limited. For example, if you created a password-protected account within our Site, you may be able to access that account to review the information you provided and make corrections and updates as necessary. However this feature is not available throughout our Site where the user is not asked to create an account. Therefore, if at any time, you prefer not to receive e-mail from a service that you subscribed to without creating a personal account, simply get out by following the unsubscribe options at the bottom of each e-mail.
由我們「網站」收集的個人身份識別資訊,於收集後一段限定時間內可供查閱,例如用戶提供電郵地址以接收電郵會訊或關於即將舉行之計劃或活動的備忘。在其他情況下,個人身份識別資訊被提交至Remarkable Sports Limited後,用戶可於任何時間內酌情決定將其保存、編輯及刪除。例如,若你在我們「網站」內建立了一個由密碼保護的帳號,你或可能夠存取該帳號以查閱你所提供之資訊,以及在必須時作出更正和更新。然而此等功能不適用於我們「網站」內毋須要求用戶建立帳務之部份。因此,若你於任何時間不願意從你以往毋須建立個人帳號亦可訂閱的服務接收電郵,只要依照每封電郵底部的退訂選項,即可退出。

You may also send an e-mail or letter to the following e-mail or street address requesting access to or correction of your personally identifiable information. For verification purposes please include your first name, last name, e-mail address and the password you use for said service.



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