Program Details

This program is for the students who have intermediate or above skill of table tennis.  We provide different training exercise to improve our students foot work, the understanding of spin, body balance also tactics. 
There are 2 parts of this program.
First Part:  Group training program.  A small group of students who are in the similar skill level.  Through our systematic training program increase the interaction between students in order to increase the efficiency of the training.
Second Part:  Private 1 on 1 training program.  Our coach will observe the student's mistake and playing style in the group training and design a more specific training exercise in this 1 on 1 program to improve their skill.

Target:                        40 consecutive plays of Forehand and backhand top spin, Serve of different spin and position,  First 3 shots tactic, Attack after serving tactic...etc'

Content:                     Forehand and backhand rally, Serve of different spin, first 3 shots tactics
Capacity:                     4 people
Program includes:  4 Group training classes (1 on 2) 1 class per week (2 hour),  4 private 1 on 1 classes 1 class per week (1 hour)
Fee:  Original $1680 NOW
$1280​ (total 6 classes 12 hours)
Location:                    Sai Wan / Yuen Long/ Mongkok
Prerequisite:            Completion of intermediate program or passed the assessment of our coach.


1. Students can use our online booking system to query the classes they have enrolled and change the class in case they need to. (Class cannot be changed 3 days prior the class date)
2. Please click the button below to view the details of the training program.
3. 1 on 1 private training class appointment will be arranged with the coach.  Max 1 hour per week can be booked.

4. Due to the rental cost difference, extra $100 will be charged for the class held in Sai Wan.


Training Time

From 1st July, 2014 to 31st July, 2014

Group Training


Every Tue,Thur,Sat      10:00 - 12:00

Every Sun                              14:00 - 16:00


1 on 1 Training

Book with the coach after enrolment.

Student Rules

ALL our students must read the below rules. Please call our customer service officer if there is any query.

1.Students please aware of your health condition, if feeling sick or unwell, please stay home.
2.Students have to attend our activity by himself and attenders are not allow to change class without notifying the coaches/customer service officer.
3.For group training classes, students have to submit the change class request 3 days prior the class date.  Attenders have to re-enrol the new class in 2 months  and class is allowed to be modified for max twice a month,  otherwise Remarkable Sports reserve the right to forfeit the class and the fees will not be refunded.  

4. Students is only allowed to change the class for once.  Fees cannot be refunded for absence.
5.For group training class, if the number of students is less than 50% of the class capacity, Remarkable Sports will reschedule the class.
6.If the student missed the class he has to provide medical certificate, otherwise Remarkable Sports reserve the right to treat that as an absence and the class fees cannot be refunded
7.Students has to dress up with proper sport dress and Remarkable Sports strongly recommend our students wear our jersey when attending the class.
8.Our Coaches and staffs have right to dismiss the student who is not discipline and the class fees cannot be refunded.
9.If our coaches oberve any of our students health condition is not good enough to continue training.  Our coaches has right to stop the student from training in order to protect our student's safety.
10. No pets is allow in the training class.
11.The information that we have collect from our member are only used for the communication between Remarkable Sports Limited and our members.  Please contact our coaches or staffs if there is any personal information changes.
12.If the class/activity is cancelled due to the number of attenders cannot satisfy the minimum requirement.  Students/Attenders will be informed 2 days before the activity date.
13.If the class/activity is cancelled due to the bad weather, Remarkable Sports Limited will reschedule the class/activity or refund the fees.

14.Arrangement for bad weather conditions:


Typhoon signal No.1 / Yellow Rainstorm / Thunderstorm warning
Activities will continue.  Remarkable Sports reserve the right to cancel the activity according to the weather condition change in order to make sure our student's safety.


Typhoon signal 3 and Red Rainstorm
If the signal is hoisted before 7am ALL activities in the morning will be cancelled.
If the signal is hoisted at 12pm ALL activities in the afternoon will be cancelled.


Typhoon Signal No.8 or Black Rainstorm
ALL activities will be cancelled immediately


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